TCG’s Investing & operating Expertise includes… more….

RAF Fund (Rise After Fall)

The Fund shall identify and invest in sectors… more….

TCGAMC Multicap Fund

Fund will invest in companies across market capitalization…more….

$5 Trillion Strategy

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Long/Short Product

This product could be made available… more….

Sunrise Matter Disruption Fund

SMF identifies and invests in companies… more….

Long Only, High Alpha Product

TCG Advisory Services Private Limited’s long… more…

Primario Fund

Primario, a premier SEBI approved Corporate… more….


What we Look for in Companies

  • Growth (sustainability) in revenues and earnings through
    • Value migration – new technology, shifting preferences
    • New & Expanding market opportunities
    • Niche profitable business
    • Fallen Angels (loss to profits, debt reduction)

  • Scalable businesses 
  • Operating and financial leverage
    • Low capacity utilization
    • Evaluate De-leverage plans for turnarounds
  • Measurable Management quality
    • Consistently managing expectations
    • Growth and profit oriented
    • Consistent corporate governance practices