Investment Approach

  • RAF Fund (Rise After Fall) Style: The Fund shall identify and invest in sectors and companies which are expected to recover fastest and benefit in next few years from the current market fall due to the present pandemic situation.Fund invests in companies and selected sectors across capitalization with a large cap bias. The fund shall select sectors and a concentrated portfolio of about 25 companies with well-defined parameters on every sectors / companies in the portfolio.

  • $5 Trillion Fund Style: Fund will focus in investing in new emerging sectors and companies across capitalization which can potentially multiply 2.5x and contribute to making India a $5 Trillion Economy by 2024. $5 Trillion Fund aims for absolute returns over a 2-3 year investment horizon. The risk of investing, includes capital loss, however diversification across sectors lowers the risk to deliver risk adjusted returns

  • Primario Fund Style: Primario, a premier SEBI approved Corporate Capitalization fund will invest in 30-50 companies across sectors, which require turnaround or growth capital. The fund will address the immediate need to Capitalise India’s listed and soon to be listed companies, across sectors, allowing them to rapidly grow, translating to higher investment returns. It is a 42 month AIF Cat 3 close-ended fund.  The capital will be invested in the form of institutional placements, QIPs, FPOs, IPOs, anchor capital to DRHP filed soon to be listed companies, Block and Bulk deals of listed companies sourced directly.Investor Type: Body Corporates,, Banks, Insurance Companies, Endowment Funds, Individual and Non Individuals such as HUFs, Partnership firms, Sole Proprietorship Firms, and Non Resident Investors (Foreign Investors, NRIs from NRE and NRO Account, FPIs or Foreign Investors under Schedule 11 of FEMA, as permitted under RBI and SEBI regulations from time to time.

  • Long / Short Fund Style: The long /Short fund will comprise of a core long portfolio, with a range of arbitrage, relative value & special situation strategies that seek to outperform and add to the product’s performance. The fund will also maintain a range of short positions with an aim to manage market volatility from the core long portfolio, but to also generate returns in their own right.
  • SMF Fund Style: Portfolio: Invests majority in SMF, and the balance in other sectors. 3 year investment horizon, multi-cap. Fund aims for high absolute returns vs. index and carries high risk of investing including capital loss.
  • High Alpha Fund Style: The Fund has a 3 year investment horizon and aims to invest in stocks with a minimum 25% annual earnings growth or turnarounds. This concentrated fund is aimed to deliver high absolute returns vs. the index and thus carries high risk of investing including capital loss.