TCG’s Investing & operating Expertise includes… more….

RAF Fund (Rise After Fall)

The Fund shall identify and invest in sectors… more….

TCGAMC Multicap Fund

Fund will invest in companies across market capitalization…more….

$5 Trillion Strategy

The investment objective of the fund is to identify…more…

Sunrise Matter Disruption Fund

SMF identifies and invests in companies… more….

Primario Fund

Primario, a premier SEBI approved Corporate… more….


What we Look for in Companies

  • Growth (sustainability) in revenues and earnings through
    • Value migration – new technology, shifting preferences
    • New & Expanding market opportunities
    • Niche profitable business
    • Fallen Angels (loss to profits, debt reduction)

  • Scalable businesses 
  • Operating and financial leverage
    • Low capacity utilization
    • Evaluate De-leverage plans for turnarounds
  • Measurable Management quality
    • Consistently managing expectations
    • Growth and profit oriented
    • Consistent corporate governance practices