Long Only, High Alpha Product

TCG Advisory Services Limited’s long only product focuses on high alpha generation for a given level of beta risk & volatility.The product will likely invest in companies across the market spectrum, from large to mid- sized companies and smaller companies where we envisage a higher than market investment return potential.

Given the higher expected returns versus market returns over three to five year horizon, the volatility of returns is also likely to be higher. The team managing the product carries out in depth due diligence and research into smaller companies.

However it is expressly clarified that clients are not being offered any guaranteed/ assured returns and that the Portfolio Manager only endeavours to manage volatility levels on the basis of exposures of the portfolio.

The product will allocate to equity, corporate bonds and liquid funds depending on market conditions. Risk management is on a position level. The product would appeal to sophisticated investors who possess a high degree of risk tolerance for higher expected potential returns.