$5 Trillion Strategy

Investment Objective: Identify Winners in Journey to $5 Trillion Goal

The investment objective of the fund is to identify and invest in new emerging sectors and companies which shall grow faster than the economy and contribute to India’s goal to becoming a $5 trillion economy by 2024. We will see the emergence of companies in the broader market since such companies act with alacrity to develop new and innovative products and services. Fund will identify & invest in such companies across capitalisation. New emerging sectors are Healthy India, Good Governance (High quality companies), Yuva Bharat (companies making products and services for youth), Education for All (skill development companies, schools and higher education companies), Infrastructure (Industrial and EPC companies that benefit from US- China trade restrictions and India’s growth), Inclusive Development (companies with products or services for masses), financial services companies and banks, Cultural Heritage (tourism companies), Doubling Farmers Income (farm equipment, services, chemical, fertilizer companies), India as the World’s 3rd Largest Economy (financial services companies providing funds to help companies grow)

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