Primario Fund

Fund Choices

Primario, a premier SEBI approved Corporate Capitalization fund will invest in 30-50 companies across sectors, which require turnaround or growth capital. The fund will address the immediate need to Capitalise India’s listed & soon to be listed companies, across sectors, allowing them to rapidly grow, translating to higher investment returns.

Primario will help corporates break the viscous cycle of lack of capital impeding their growth or capital shortage not allowing them to deleverage their balance sheets.

Primario’s Investment Management recognises that, infusing equity capital into Corporate India would similarly reinvigorate their financials, deleverage balance sheets, allowing companies to expand their offerings or services translating into higher profits and therefore higher investment returns. The capital will be invested in the form of institutional placements, QIPs, FPOs, IPOs, anchor capital to DRHP filed soon to be listed companies, Block and Bulk deals of listed companies sourced directly. Primario, as an AIF Cat III fund has the flexibility to inject capital directly into listed and soon to be listed companies in any percentage without SEBI restrictions.

Primario will use its premier AIF Cat 3 Institutional status to secure stock price discounts which add incremental returns for its investors. This institutional status is not enjoyed by Private Equity Funds, Ultra High Net worth Individuals (UHNI), Portfolio Management Services or Private Equity.