Sunrise Matter Disruption Fund: SMFD Fund

Investment Objective: Sunrise Matter Disruption Fund is a disruption fund and invests in companies which is creating disruption due to innovations. Disruption creates opportunities and takes multitude of manifestations. There have been many companies which have, in addition to their core businesses, created new business segments orĀ altered their businesses through disruption. We look at such companies with growth trajectory. Innovation in India is more applied, researched and adaptive in nature. So, these companies are expected to grow faster. The fund aims to profit by investing in these growth companies.

Fund Style: Sunrise Matter Disruption Fund invests majorly in innovative companies, across sectors across capitalization. Different situations are driving corporate and consumer behaviour which may drive disruption and innovation. This creates disruptions in existing market places. This fund takes advantage of such situation and believes in never wasting a good opportunity. Fund aims for higher relative returns versus benchmarks over a 5-7-year investment horizon. The risk of investing, includes capital loss, however diversification across sectors lowers the risk to deliver risk adjusted returns.